18th November - Opening Archives: Bringing communities and archives together using digital technology

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You can view a recording of the talks here: Opening Archives Bringing communities and archives together using digital technology - YouTube


Hello! I’m looking forward to any questions after my super-quick talk…


Hi Mia - great to see you :slight_smile:

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This may not be the best context in which to ask a specific question, but I am working in an isolated context and don’t know where else to turn. I work with a small museum in an Italian hill town named Orte for which I am helping develop a website.

I would like to put their inventory online and include a series of historic photos of the collection that stretch from 1896 till today. Can someone suggest a user-friendly interface? I was looking at Omeka, but they haven’t updated their software for months. Is this normal? Is it still a valid option for a digital ‘card catalogue’? Does anyone has a alternative to suggest?

Many thanks,
(PhD Candidate in Cultural Heritage Science at Viterbo, Italy)

Hi I am interested in using crowdsourcing metadata. The digitised data from photographs of WW2 airmen who flew from an RAF station in Lincolnshire. Sadly most are no longer with us so identifying them is the challenge but there must be people out there who might recognise them. The challenge is the cost of setting this up in the first place. So I look forward to looking into this more.

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Hi Caterina. A bit of a long shot but if any of the servicemen are Black GIs, we could possibly help you by featuring their images on our website as part of our ‘Brown Babies’ of WW2 work and inviting our visitors and partners to help identify them. Do contact me if this would be at all helpful.


Hi - happy to answer any questions about our experience at the Mills Archive.

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Hi Chamion, thank you for asking. None are American that we know of, some are from the commonwealth countries. We can chat if you wish to see if you can help? Thank you.

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Hi Caterina. If Black/Asian servicemen from Commonwealth, may be able to help. Drop me a line: chamioncaballero@mixedmuseum.org.uk


Hi Caterina,

People sometimes post things to Facebook, which can be effective in reaching the generation that might be able to recognise them, but tricky in terms of getting the data out so it doesn’t just disappear, and of course there are privacy issues.

Cheers, Mia


Hi Yvonne, Omeka is still a good choice, and the project is actively maintained. Flickr / Flickr Commons is also an option, and the Commons is currently being revived after a period of inactivity.

Thank you for your reply, Mia. Much appreciated!

Hey folks,

Liam here, consultant at The Audience Agency, based in Birmingham. Thanks so much to all who could make the event and thanks even more to those who submitted questions to our mentimeter. There were some fantastic responses that will certainly influence how we evaluate the overall project, you can see responses here: DDA mentimeter responses by Liam Smyth - Issuu

I’ll also be uploading a recording of todays session on this page in due course. Stay tuned! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all, we’ve posted a recording of the event on YouTube. It’s unlisted but you can view it following this link: Opening Archives Bringing communities and archives together using digital technology - YouTube

Hi everyone. I enjoyed the sessions yesterday,especially on crowd sourcing. I wonder how big a project has to be to make the organising of crowdfunding worth its while. I work with a number of archive projects, helping them plan their project and create systems for finding content effectively.