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VocalEyes works with and for blind and visually impaired people to increase access to arts and heritage. This is their survey on the accessibility of QR codes and short number SMS.


Making Your Application Process As Accessible As Possible


Many respondents were concerned about companies’ ability to protect personal data once they’ve harvested it. Forty-seven percent of consumers say they’re very concerned that companies holding their data could be hacked, and 51% said they feared that their data might be sold.

The 14th annual iPhone photography awards offer glimpses of beauty, hope and the endurance of the human spirit.

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A visual mind map of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 from 2018. Still relevant today.

Though it feels like a while ago in my mind, some further comments on Twitter’s redesign on web accessibility. Twitter’s web redesign isn’t as accessible as it should be, experts say – TechCrunch

A big caution for anyone considering using influencer marketing - including this frankly quite terrifying stat:

Only 61.5% of Instagram followers in the UK are real users, and a quarter of UK influencers have more than 30% inauthentic comments

Cinemas are finding people slow to return as well…