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The World’s First Meme Museum opens in Hong Kong

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Why Accessibility Overlay Solutions Fail to Protect or Serve

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An interesting view on Facebook’s proposed ‘Metaverse’.

It’s an interesting topic, the Metaverse. I’ve been recommending people read/watch Ready Player One to help get their head around this mad concept.

Good recommendation, I might try that! A slightly different view from Wired which I also quite like.

An interesting one here about a theatre show blending digital & live- the audience starts watching online at home, and finishes in the theatre.


This might be old news but I’ve just found out about YouTube’s Find My Audience tool.


New £30m funding for local authorities to install Changing Places Toilets


Here’s information for Museums and heritage organisations

Twitter’s image-cropping algorithm marginalizes elderly, disabled, and Arabic.

Six ways to design value into your membership model

TikTok named as the most downloaded app of 2020

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Polish artist NeSpoon painted a mural on the facade of a building in Brittany and it’s gorgeous!

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The primary goal in sustainable web design is to reduce carbon emissions

You can also try the Website Carbon Calculator. Here’s how our community site stacks up…

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Phaidon Press has announced its latest coffee table must-have, Woman Made , by Jane Hall, which busts the myth that design is a man’s world. From author Jane Hall, Woman Made provides a comprehensive illustrated collection of over 200 women designers from more than 50 countries that left an indelible mark on the world of design.

Artist Criticizes Our Society By Showing Two Different Sides Of The Same Story (24 Comics)

The Manifest-No is a declaration of refusal and commitment. It refuses harmful data regimes and commits to new data futures.


Are you a font geek? Starbucks has a new typeface.

Look Out for Your Remote Coworkers, and Other Actions for Allies

The Evidence team at TAA have been gathering evidence about how arts, culture and heritage audiences have responded to online content during the crisis.