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Posting this here as I’ve had a couple of conversations this week with colleagues in the sector who are thinking about how they can improve their organisation’s accessibility for people with disabilities / additional needs.

So in case anyone else may find it useful, I’ll confess to being a HUGE fan of this guide to accessible communications from Unlimited. Honestly, it’s great. A one-stop guide to things like websites, language and style, social media and accessible formats.

Accessible Marketing Guide - Unlimited (

If anyone else knows of any similar resources, do share them!


Really handy to have this guide, thanks for sharing! Also, as an aside, for using this Community site, the toggle light/dark comes in handy if you have requirements that suit changing the light/dark presentation on screen.


CVAN-EM_A-Brief-Guide-to-Combining-Accessibility-with-Creativity_Toolkit.pdf (348.7 KB)

There’s also this guide from CVAN East Midands


Here’s a couple of resources, focused on digital

Also not a guide but an organisation that may be of interest


Thanks for this.

I’ve been having a conversation with Lesley McEwan, Head of Business Development at Accessible - about accessible towns. The website is a go to for people who want to check access prior to visiting a place or venue. It’s well worth a look and something for venues to consider their own space and accessibility.


ooh I hadn’t heard about this, sounds really interesting. Thanks for sharing Leigh!

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Thanks Leigh, this is a really good resource!