Applying TAA Artforms within Tessitura

This article is relevant to organisations who use Tessitura as a ticketing and CRM system and contribute ticketing data to Audience Answers.

As an alternative to applying production categorisation within Audience Answers, your existing and future productions can be categorised with artforms directly within your Tessitura system and extracted automatically. This gives you full access to the artform features within Audience Answers, without the need to categorise your productions within the platform manually. Full guidance on production categorisation for users on other ticketing and CRM systems can be found here.

How it works

To help you extract meaningful and consistent artform data for use in Audience Answers, Tessitura Network and the Audience Agency (TAA) have collaborated on this guide to set up standardised TAA Artforms in Tessitura.

You may wish to review how you are currently categorising events within Tessitura. If you need help getting a list of events and associated attributes from Tessitura Network, get in touch with the Tessitura Support Team. An up-to-date list of the TAA artforms and definitions to apply to your events can be found here.

Setting up the keywords

To set these up in Tessitura you will need to create two new Keyword Categories called “TAA Artform” and “TAA Sub Genre”.

To set up keywords, go to system tables and follow these steps:

  • Go to system table TR_TKW_CATEGORY
  • Insert a new line and call it TAA Artform
  • Inset a new line and call it TAA Sub Genre
  • Go to system table TR_TKW
  • Insert new lines as required – select TAA Artform/TAA Sub Genre from the categories and enter the appropriate Artforms/Sub Genres. Please ensure you spell the TAA Artform/TAA Sub Genre exactly as they are shown in the artforms and definitions spreadsheet here.

If you wish to use the Artforms and Sub Genres as ways of measuring your customers’ interests, select ‘Both’ under the Used In column. If you wish solely to use them for uploading information to Audience Answers, select ‘Production Elements’ only.

Attaching the keywords to your events

Now that you have these keywords, you can attach them against your events. These can be done historically on past events as well as all future events.

Go to Ticketing Setup → Production Elements → Find/create your Performance → Keywords tab → Select your TAA Artform/TAA Sub Genre from the left column and add it to the right column.

It will then look something like this:

If you wish to retrospectively add keywords to multiple performances at the same time, you can do this in Season Maintenance → Season Manager (more information can be found here).

Including the attributes in Audience Answers

Once you have set up the event attributes and begun to set them against your events, you just need to let the Audience Agency Support Team know at

After completing the set up of event attributes as outlined above, you won’t need to undertake production categorisation in Audience Answers. The artform data will be extracted automatically, giving you full access to the artform features within Audience Answers.

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