Applying TAA Artforms within Ticketsolve

This article is relevant to organisations who use Ticketsolve as a ticketing and CRM system and contribute ticketing data to Audience Answers.

As an alternative to applying production categorisation within Audience Answers, your existing and future productions can be categorised with artforms directly within your Ticketsolve system and extracted automatically. This gives you full access to the artform features within Audience Answers, without the need to categorise your productions within the platform manually. Full guidance on production categorisation for users on other ticketing and CRM systems can be found here.

How it works

To extract meaningful and consistent artform data for use in Audience Answers, Ticketsolve and the Audience Agency (TAA) have collaborated and put together this guide to set up standardised TAA Artforms in Ticketsolve.

You may wish to review how you are currently categorising events within Ticketsolve. If you need help getting a list of events and categories from Ticketsolve, get in touch with our support team. An up-to-date list of the TAA Artforms and how they need to be inputted into Ticketsolve can be found below, alongside an Excel version.

Tagging Your Shows

In order to automatically send the show categorisation over to Audience Answers, you will need to attach the relevant tag to each show. A full list of the TAA categories and Ticketsolve tags can be found below. When adding the tag to each show you must ensure that each tag starts with ‘aa:’. This is essential as we have coded the system to pick up any tags that start with ‘aa:’ to be automatically mapped to TAA categorisation model in Audience Answers.

An example of how you would go about adding these tags can be seen below:

Audience Finder Category: Contemporary Dance

Ticketsolve Tag: aa:contemporary_dance

If you are not sure how to tag shows, you do this from the shows page within the manage section as shown below. Add your tag in the tags section and click enter to apply it. Make sure you click update show in the bottom right hand corner to save your action:

Audience Finder Tags

Please find below a list of all Audience Finder categories along with the Ticketsolve short code tags that need to be added to Ticketsolve.

Click here to expand the full list
AA Sub Genre Ticketsolve Short_Code
C&F Branded aa:cf_branded
C&F Community/Amateur aa:cf_community_amateur
C&F Concert aa:cf_concert
C&F Dance aa:cf_dance
C&F Literature aa:cf_literature
C&F New Writing aa:cf_new_writing
C&F Outdoor Arts Events aa:cf_outdoor_arts_events
C&F Plays/Drama aa:cf_plays_drama
C&F Other aa:cf_other
Pantomime aa:pantomime
Other Christmas Show aa:other_christmas_show
CVA Craft & Design aa:cva_craft_design
CVA Film & Video aa:cva_film_video
CVA Fine Arts/Painting/Drawing aa:cva_fine_arts
CVA Photography aa:cva_photography
CVA Sculpture aa:cva_sculpture
CVA Other aa:cva_other
Ballroom aa:ballroom
Circus Arts aa:circus_arts
Community/Amateur Dance aa:community_amateur_dance
Contemporary Ballet aa:contemporary_ballet
Contemporary Dance aa:contemporary_dance
Dance Rehearsal aa:dance_rehearsal
Dance Talks aa:dance_talks
Dance Theatre aa:dance_theatre
Jazz/Tap Dance aa:jazz_tap_dance
Latin Dance aa:latin_dance
Show/freestyle Dance aa:show_freestyle_dance
Street Dance/Hip Hop aa:street_dance_hip_hop
Traditional Ballet aa:traditional_ballet
UK & Ireland Traditional Dance aa:uk_ireland_taditional_dance
World Dance aa:world_dance
Youth Dance aa:youth_dance
Other Dance aa:other_dance
Art-house/Specialist Cinema aa:art_house_specialist_cinema
Documentary aa:documentary
Film in Other Language aa:film_other_language
Film Production aa:film_production
Film Talks aa:film_talks
Mainstream Film aa:mainstream_film
Streamed Performing Arts aa:streamed_performing_arts
Other Film aa:other_film
Comedy & Comedians aa:comedy_comedians
Ice Shows aa:ice_shows
Magician/Hypnotism/Supernatural aa:magician_hypnotism_supernatural
Personality/Reminiscence/Talk aa:personality_reminiscence_talk
Sing-a-long aa:sing_a_long
Variety/Cabaret Entertainment aa:variety_cabaret_entertainment
Other General Entertainment aa:other_general_entertainment
Author Readings aa:author_readings
Library Events/Reading Groups aa:library_events_reading_groups
Literary Talks aa:literary_talks
Poetry/Spoken Word aa:poetry_spoken_word
Storytelling aa:storytelling
Other Literature aa:other_literature
Archaeology/History aa:archaeology_history
Ethnography/Anthropology aa:ethnography_anthropology
Natural History/Nature aa:natural_history_nature
Science/Technology aa:science_technology
Other Museums/Heritage aa:other_museums_heritage
Baroque aa:baroque
Brass & Silver Bands aa:brass_silver_bands
Chamber & Recitals aa:chamber_recitals
Classical Choral aa:classical_choral
Club Night aa:club_night
Community/Amateur Music aa:community_amateur_music
Contemporary Classical aa:contemporary_classical
Country & Western aa:country_western
Early Music aa:early_music
Electronic Music aa:electronic_music
Gospel aa:gospel
Jazz & Blues aa:jazz_blues
Male/Female Voice Choir aa:male_female_voice_choir
Modern Classical Music aa:modern_classical_music
Music Talks aa:music_talks
Music Rehearsal aa:music_rehearsal
Opera aa:opera
Orchestral aa:orchestral
Orchestral Non-Classical aa:orchestral_non_classical
Other Choral aa:other_choral
Popular Classical aa:popular_classical
Rock & Pop/Hip hop aa:rock_pop_hip_hop
Swing/Big Bands aa:swing_big_bands
UK & Ireland Folk Music aa:uk_ireland_folk_music
World Music aa:world_music
Youth Music aa:youth_music
Other Music aa:other_music
Community/Amateur Musical Theatre aa:community_amateur_musical_theatre
Mainstream Musicals aa:mainstream_musicals
Other Musical Theatre aa:other_musical_theatre
OA Aerial aa:oa_aerial
OA Carnival aa:oa_carnival
OA Circus Arts aa:oa_circus_arts
OA Community/Amateur Arts aa:oa_community_amateur_arts
OA Festivals aa:oa_festivals
OA Light Art aa:oa_light_art
OA Magic aa:oa_magic
OA Participatory aa:oa_participatory
OA Street Arts aa:oa_street_arts
OA Theatre aa:oa_theatre
Other Outdoor Arts aa:other_outdoor_arts
Classical Play aa:classical_play
Community/Amateur Theatre aa:community_amateur_theatre
Contemporary Play aa:contemporary_play
Drama New Writing aa:drama_new_writing
Experimental Theatre aa:experimental_theatre
Mime/Puppetry aa:mime_puppetry
Other Language aa:other_language
Physical Theatre aa:physical_theatre
Plays/Drama Talks aa:plays_drama_talks
Scratch Night/Rehearsal aa:scratch_night_rehearsal
Theatre in Education aa:theatre_education
Youth Theatre/Drama aa:youth_theatre_drama
Other Plays/Drama aa:other_plays_drama
TVA Craft & Design aa:tva_craft_design
TVA Fine Arts/Painting/Drawing aa:tva_fine_arts
TVA Sculpture aa:tva_sculpture
TVA Other aa:tva_other
Adult Workshops - Performance Skills aa:adult_workshops_performance_skills
Adult Workshops - Creative aa:adult_workshops_creative
Adult Workshops - Formal Learning aa:adult_workshops_formal_learning
Child Workshops - Performance Skills aa:child_workshops_performance_skills
Child Workshops - Creative aa:child_workshops_creative
Child Workshops - Formal Learning aa:child_workshops_formal_learning
Family Workshops - Performance Skills aa:family_workshops_performance_skills
Family Workshops - Creative aa:family_workshops_creative
Family Workshops - Formal Learning aa:family_workshops_formal_learning
Other Workshops aa:other_workshops
Any Other Artforms aa:any_other_artforms
Other Talks aa:other_talks
Tours/Walks aa:tours_walks

Audience Finder Ticketsolve Short Codes.xlsx (8.2 KB)

Additional Support

If you are unsure about any of the steps above, or you want to check that you are doing things correctly before you start, please don’t hesitate to give Ticketsolve Support a call on 020 7183 3586 or drop them an email