Audience Finder Original and Show Stats are closing - what’s next?

Hello Audience Finders,

As we continue to see change across the UK arts sector - in audiences, communities, and organisation structures - change is also afoot here at The Audience Agency. Our aim is to support you in growing your audiences, serving your communities and making a bigger impact, and we’re excited to announce changes to our products that will help you do that.

Audience Answers: launching week commencing 17 April 2023

Our new platform Audience Answers will launch the week commencing 17 April 2023 with a new Overview Dashboard and functionality. Re-designed for and with cultural organisations, Audience Answers builds on the 10-year development and success of Audience Finder Data Tools in the field and will become our sole platform across the UK.

Audience Finder Original & Audience Finder Show Stats: closing 31 May 2023

As Audience Answers becomes our sole UK platform, and we consolidate our development and updates into this, it does mean that both Audience Finder Original and Audience Finder Show Stats will close in full on 31 May 2023.

We want to make this transition as easy as possible for you, so please take note of the key dates and changes in our FAQs below.

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The Audience Answers Service Team


What is Audience Answers?

Audience Answers is our next generation insight service and platform and the successor to the Audience Finder Data Tools in the UK. It provides a collection of product and service packages (both digital and in person) that can be standalone or, for maximum benefit, combined.

The Audience Answers toolkit including Surveys, Audience Spectrum, Ticketing, Networks and Coaching – will be modularly available over the coming months.

Why are the Audience Finder Data Tools changing?

We have been planning the next evolution of our products and services for a while, and now we will no longer be running Arts Council England’s funded data service for English NPOs, the time is right to make this transition.

As the needs of the sector change, we need to change too, so we can best support you.

Will Audience Finder Original & Audience Finder Show Stats still be available?

No, both platforms will close entirely on 31 May 2023.

From 17 April 2023, the Ticketing section of the dashboard with close, together with the new user registration page. Existing users will still be able to log in.

New user registration must be requested via our support line at with ticketing functionality moving into Audience Answers.

Will my user login still work for the new Audience Answers service and platform?

Yes, all user account connected to data contributing organisations will automatically transfer.

Will my insights from Audience Finder Original & Audience Finder Show Stats still be available?

No, all reports, excel files and dashboard visuals must be downloaded from Audience Finder Original & Audience Finder Show Stats by 31 May 2023.

If you have questions on this please do let us know at

Please note new insights will be available in Audience Answers, and updates to the new platform will occur fortnightly throughout the summer/autumn 2023.

Will my historic ticketing and survey data automatically move to Audience Answers?

Yes, historic Audience Finder survey data from surveys between 2018/19 to 2022/23 will be available as raw data and within your Audience Reports.

We will be in touch with organisations currently contributing ticketing data shortly based on their ticketing system for future extractions, but for most users and organisations, we expect continuous coverage.

I’m an NPO, can I still complete my 2022/23 annual reporting?

Yes, you can produce your 2022/23 Audience Report for Arts Council England within Audience Answers; please find full details in our Knowledge Base article here.

Please note the 2022/23 reporting deadline is earlier than previous years, on 31 May 2023. This will conclude reporting for the 2018-22 NPO funding round.

I’m from an organisation based in Scotland and/or Wales, am I affected by these changes?

Our funding continues from Creative Scotland and the Arts Council of Wales during 2023/24, and we will be contacting all users in these nations shortly. However, as with all UK organisations, Audience Finder Original and Audience Finder Show Stats will close on 31 May 2023.

If you have specific questions about this, you can contact us at or

What other services can I access from the Audience Agency?

The Audience Agency offers a range of mixed method research, insight and enterprise solutions for the cultural sector and creative industries. Throughout all our services, we champion the user - taking a people centred approach that encourages engagement and drives innovation.

You can take confidence in The Audience Agency’s track record as the UK’s leading not for profit data organisation, and benefit from our depth and breadth understanding of cultural engagement, and the support of our extended community.

Get in touch to find out more about the full range of our consultancy and research services.