Audience Finder Service Update: April/May 2022

Hello Audience Finders!

Spring is finally here and the days are growing ever-longer. The arrival of a new season has been accompanied by an exciting announcement this month, the launch of an updated version of Audience Spectrum. We hope you enjoy exploring it, as well as the many free Audience Spectrum resources, in the weeks ahead.

Included in this edition:

Audience Finder Service Team

How do I analyse my data in Audience Finder Data Tools using the updated version of Audience Spectrum?

Audience Spectrum has become an essential part of the arts marketing vocabulary since its launch in 2015. We recently shared the biggest update to Audience Spectrum that we have done to date, including the development of 10 additional subsegments to the core segments.

What this means in relation to your audiences within Audience Finder Data Tools? For those contributing ticketing data and touring organisations using Audience Finder Show Stats, you can already head over to your dashboard and start analysing using the new subsegments. If you are contributing survey data, options will shortly be available. We’ll keep you updated through upcoming Service Updates and the Knowledge Base.

Discover the full details in our Knowledge Base article

How often does my data update in my dashboards?

A quick update as a reminder which has been an FAQ in our support desk this month.

Ticketing Data

If you are using a fully supported ticketing/CRM system, your data will update each Saturday in Audience Finder Original. It will then be extracted into Audience Finder Answers the following day, so that you are ready to start the new week. This upload consists of new data from all matured (past) productions from the previous week.

Uploads from users on semi-supported systems occur at the organisation’s discretion but, similarly, are updated weekly once the data extraction has taken place.

Find out more.

Touring organisations

Looking to access your production data in Audience Finder Show Stats? Your touring data will be available to request, but a few things need to happen before you are able to access it.

1) Firstly, the host venue has to have closed the production.

2) The data will then be available after the following Saturday, when it has uploaded into Audience Finder Original.

3) Finally, the host organisation has to approve your access to the production data. As soon as this happens, your production data will be available to analyse and use within annual reports.

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Survey Data

As soon as a respondent has digitally completed an Audience Finder survey, it will be stored securely in our Webhost. These responses are then updated daily into Audience Finder Answers and once a week, on a Tuesday, into Audience Finder Original.

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What’s new in Audience Finder Answers?: Ticketing Income Headlines

There is a new feature suite in Audience Finder Answers entitled Headlines .

First up is Ticketing Income Headlines, designated for users contributing ticketing data. This insight gives a snapshot of your ticketing income over any given date range. Additionally, your data is compared to the average income of all UK ticketing organisations over the same date range. You are, therefore, able to immediately see income trends for your organisation and where these sit within a broader picture.

Find out more about this in the Community

Audience Finder Core Survey for the 22/23 financial year

We can confirm that the Audience Finder core survey template for all UK nations will remain the same for the 22/23 financial year, as will the UK survey offer. This includes the premium questions.

You can analyse and benchmark the core question set in your Audience Finder Original dashboard and access your survey data insights and raw data of full responses from the Survey Library in Audience Finder Answers. You can also request a top-line report to see this in PDF format.

Free upcoming Community Forum Live events

Join other Audience Finder users to discuss how others use Audience Finder Data Tools and get some tips from our team. Upcoming sessions include; Museums and Heritage and Christmas Shows (it’s never too early).

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