Audience Finder Service Update: February 2022

Hello Audience Finders!

Welcome to your latest Audience Finder Service Update. With the year entering its third month and the recovery from the pandemic continuing across all UK nations, we hope you are feeling optimistic about the months ahead.

This update includes:

Are you a new user looking to get started?

Perhaps you are running your first survey, exploring your ticketed insights as a venue, or requesting your production data as a touring organisation? Whatever your focus, we have the resources to help you get started.

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There are a wealth of tools and resources available within Audience Finder Data Tools. You can find out more about the full options available to you on our website.

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Your questions answered in the Knowledge Base

The Audience Finder Knowledge Base is one of the best places to go to have your question answered. Part of The Audience Agency’s ever-growing Community site, the Knowledge Base holds a collection of best practice guides, FAQs and articles.

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Speak to the support team. Our team are here to answer your questions and support you in your work.

In Practice sessions are free, one-to-one training sessions. They cover the practical application of our Audience Finder Data Tools and services, with personalised content shaped to your needs and level of experience

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Your service team is here to help from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday. Contact them with any questions relating to Audience Finder Data Tools by emailing or calling +442072602505.

Applying for funding? Make the most of your Audience Finder data

If you are looking to submit a new funding application in the current months but are still unsure of how to best use your Audience Finder data to make your case for investment, you can find resources on how to start this process in our latest guidance.

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We recently held an event, Using the Audience Finder Data Tools in Funding Strategies. Don’t worry if you missed it, a full recording and notes on the session are available within The Audience Agency Community.

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QR codes for survey data collection

A growing number of organisations are using QR codes to collect Audience Finder surveys, known as an on-site e-survey methodology. Here are our top tips for deployment within your organisation.

  1. Make sure your survey is not too long: As for paper and tablet surveys, audiences are likely to fill this out while in your venue. Make sure your survey only asks the questions you really need. Stick with the core survey if you are unsure.

  2. Remember to position the codes effectively in your organisation: Choose the most visible and accessible locations in your venue/s, where audiences can easily stop and access the code via their phones.

  3. Ensure your front-of-house staff highlight the survey to visitors: The best response rates come from organisations where the front-of-house staff are actively prompting visitors to fill out the survey. It’s a team effort!

Get more tips in this Community article

Ticketed venues - Audience Finder Show Stats is for you too

If your organisation is contributing ticketing data to Audience Finder Data Tools, Audience Finder Show Stats can be used to analyse your data at a production and custom group level.

Available to venues, as well as touring organisations, Audience Finder Show Stats gives you the ability to analyse data against metrics such as Audience Spectrum, Experian’s Mosaic/Mosaic Scotland and by first-time booker to the venue.

Find out more in our full Knowledge Base article.