Audience Finder Service Update: June 2022

Hello Audience Finders!

Well done, you made it. Whether you submitted your funding application, completed a busy Spring program, or simply got through the day-to-day workload, you deserve a round of applause :clap:.

Whatever you’ve been up to, we hope you are finding our services useful, and are keen to start seeing more of you as we head back out and about… We really enjoyed reconnecting with members of our welsh community at the recent Creu Cymru Conference and have our own Theatre & Dance & Visual Arts events coming soon, so hope to see some of you there.

Included in this edition:

How can I see an overview of questions from my Audience Finder survey?

Many of you have recently asked us about premium and bespoke questions for your Audience Finder survey.

Firstly as a reminder, it is only the core survey questions for each nation that are required for funder-based reporting and these can be found in your Audience Finder Answers report, alongside an Audience Spectrum and postal sector breakdown.

However, there are a number of ways to see the results of other questions from your survey:

  • Analysing applicable premium questions in Audience Finder Original: As well as the core survey questions, a number of premium questions can be viewed in our Audience Finder Original dashboard for further analysis.
  • Downloading your raw data from your Survey Library: The quickest way to access your complete survey data via a raw data download in the Survey Library within Audience Finder Answers at any time.
  • Running a top-line report: Available on request, a top-line report lets you view results to all questions as part of your survey, including bespoke questions, in a formatted PDF document.
  • Viewing your open text box responses in Audience Finder Answers: Using our Insight, ‘What do my survey respondents say about my organisation?’. This allows you to view all responses to the core question ‘is there anything else you would like to say about your visit?', using ‘sentiment analysis’ which automatically groups your qualitative data into positive, mixed, neutral, and negative feedback. Bespoke reporting outside of the data tools is also available upon request to a specification of your choice.

See a full recap of the Audience Finder survey offer in our Knowledge Base

Working in the theatre and dance sector?

If you are working in an organisation, a venue or producing/touring company, make sure you book your place at our forthcoming Community Forum Live event hosted by our Service & Community Managers Megan Tripp & Nancy Sheterline. Similarly, if you are a new user or simply want a refresh of what’s available, why not try our Onboarding Live events?

We also have a range of other events coming up, including a session on the Audience Spectrum sub-segments, and as part of our Place-based insights and TEA Break series. All online are free of charge.

Book your free place at a Community Forum Live session

What’s New In Audience Finder Answers: Production Categorisation updates

We’ve been speaking to users about our artform based production categorisation functionality lately. Based on your feedback, we have released and update to the tool, available for all users contributing ticketing data.

Key updates include:

  1. Improved user experience, design, and in-platform guidance.
  2. Additional details on your productions, including venue ID from your ticketing/CRM system and Audience Finder performance group.
  3. Ability to edit the artforms of productions that have been previously categorised .

Screenshot of 'Categorise your productions' section within Audience Finder Answers

Find the full details of the production categorisation updates in the full version of this article.

Reminder for ACE NPOs on 21/22 Reporting Requirements

If you are an Arts Council England NPO, a reminder of the 7 July deadline for 21/22 reporting using the Audience Finder Data Tools. Producing your ticketing and/or survey report is easy using Audience Finder Answers and Audience Finder Show Stats for touring organisations. Please remember, touring organisations do not need to activate their productions to run an annual report.

As a reminder for the 22/23 annual reporting, the reporting remains unchanged for the last year of the current funding period.

You can find the complete guide to your requirements and how to produce your report in our Knowledge Base.