Audience Finder Service Update: March/April 2022

Hello Audience Finders!

Welcome to the latest edition of the Audience Finder Service Update! We have a range of guidance, top tips and updates to ease you into Spring. If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up to The Audience Agency Community to keep up to date with the best resources on the Audience Finder Data Tools.

Included in this edition:

The Audience Finder Service Team

Looking to improve your Audience Finder survey response rate?

We have been speaking to many of you about the best ways to improve your Audience Finder survey response rate. Whatever your collection methodology, we have some top tips for collecting a robust and representative sample of your audiences.

Top tips

Respect respondents’ time

Give a realistic estimate of how long the survey will take to complete. Similarly, make sure your survey isn’t too long. Try only to include questions that you really need the responses to and know how you are going to use the data upon collection.

Explain why the survey matters

Whatever the reason you’re running a survey, people like to know they’re contributing to something valuable, and that their opinions matter.

Offer an incentive

Adding a prize draw to your survey could be a great way to tempt people in and improve response rates.

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What’s New in Audience Finder Answers: What do survey respondents say about my organisation?

Following on from collecting your survey responses, we explore the Audience Finder Answers insight ‘what do survey respondents say about my organisation?’ The most effective way to discover insight from the open-ended questions in your Audience Finder survey, this insight groups your responses into Positive, Mixed, Neutral, and Negative feedback using sentiment analysis.

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Artform categorisation of ticketed data: what is it and why should I bother?

If you are contributing ticketing data to the Audience Finder Data Tools, keeping your artform categorisation up to date is key to accessing all functionality. Production categorisation can now be done at any time and can take just a few clicks. Even better, we will also shortly be upgrading the functionality to make this even easier.

It is a requested action for all organisations funded by Arts Council England, the Arts Council of Wales, and Creative Scotland to maintain an accurate national dataset for the benefit of the whole sector.

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Free upcoming events

Community Forum Live

Keep an eye out for our upcoming events from across the Audience Agency; this includes Community Forum Live events in Scotland and sessions focusing on Museums and Heritage and Christmas Shows (it’s never too early).

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TEA Breaks

If you haven’t caught one yet, be sure to check in on our TEA Break events, focusing on our latest research and insight. The next session, taking place on Wednesday 13 April, will focus on sales trends from the Audience Finder dataset .

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Update for National Portfolio Organisations on annual reporting for 22/23

!Arts Council England has confirmed there will be no changes to mandated Audience Finder annual reporting requirements for the 22/23 financial year, the final year of the current funding period. This includes no changes to the core Audience Finder survey questions, which currently consists of the core survey for England with the Gender and Social model questions included.

The deadline for 21/22 annual reporting is Thursday 7 July, with the reports submitted through Grantium.

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