Audience Finder update for NPOs | September 2022

A reminder to prepare for your mandated annual Arts Council England submission for the 2022/23 financial year.

Hello Audience Finders,

If you are an existing National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) of Arts Council England (ACE), here’s a reminder of how you can ensure you are collecting data to meet your reporting requirements for 2022/23.

To find out more about your Audience Finder reporting requirements:

What are the annual funding requirements for Arts Council England NPOs?
How do I produce my Arts Council England annual report?
Can I report to my national funder using data collected with my own survey software?

Follow these steps to get on track for 22/23 reporting

Set up an Audience Finder survey for 22/23
Setting up a survey is one of the most effective ways to meet your requirements and undertake effective audience monitoring. All responses with a visit date after 1st April 2022 count towards your 22/23 annual target, no matter when your survey was set up.

Ensure you are contributing ticketing data
Many of you may already have an automated ticketing feed in place through your ticketing/CRM provider, but for those who undertake manual uploads, we’d recommend monthly or quarterly to help get the most insight from your data, as well as for your reporting.

Let us know if you are submitting external survey data
If you want to use your own survey to collect Audience Finder-compatible data for your 2022/23 reporting, the survey questions and answer options must match exactly with the core survey questions for England; please let us know if you wish to use this option.

Getting ahead of requesting your production data using Audience Finder Show Stats
If you are a touring organisation, you can request productions from your host organisations throughout the year and don’t need to wait until April.

How else can you use the Audience Finder Data Tools to improve your data-driven decision making?

Whether you’re looking to complete audience development planning, applying for funding, or simply looking to be more data-driven with your marketing, here’s how our tools and services could help:
Segment and profile your audiences
Benchmark your data
Discover where your audiences are located
Understand the demographics of your audience

If you need help or support, please don’t hesitate to contact the team, either via this Community site, by email or by calling 020 7260 2505.