Audience Spectrum: What's New?

Audience Spectrum just got even better. We share the latest updates to Audience Spectrum, the most widely used segmentation tool across the cultural sector in the UK.

Audience Spectrum has had an upgrade! As both patterns of engagement, and cultural organisations’ needs, change, Audience Spectrum is evolving to meet those needs.

The next generation of Audience Spectrum brings even greater benefits by:

  • introducing a new layer of subsegments enabling greater differentiation of groups, particularly useful in places where there are large dominant segments (e.g.Metroculturals, Kaleidoscope Creativity and Experience Seekers in London)
  • enabling more targeted action in achieving engagement goals, thanks to this additional detail ​
  • providing enhanced resources and interpretation , refreshed with updated data and information, that are reflective of new patterns of behaviour (e.g. digital engagement, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic).

Find out more about the latest developments to Audience Spectrum here

Through this online event, we will walk you through these exciting ongoing developments, highlighting the multitude of ways Audience Spectrum can offer you in-depth, actionable insights into your community.

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