Book Club Weekly Club - Week 11

Good morning everyone!

Welcome to week 11 of the weekly book club! I hope you’ve all had a nice week! :slight_smile:

Our eleventh book this year is Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by Cho Nam-ju. I added this short but incredibly thought provoking book to the list as I feel it is such an important, topical read. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Below, are our usual 8 questions that are asked each week:

  1. What was your favourite part of the book?
  2. What was your least favourite?
  3. What did you think of the writing? Are there any standout sentences?
  4. Did reading the book impact your mood? If yes, how so?
  5. What surprised you most about the book?
  6. How did your opinion of the book change as you read it?
  7. How does the book’s title work in relation to the book’s contents? If you could give the book a new title, what would it be?
  8. How did it impact you? Do you think you’ll remember it in a few months or years?

As always, you can answer some or all of the questions, it’s up to you! As always, please be mindful and respectful of everyone’s opinions, we’re here to have fun, (hopefully) enjoy the book and make some friends along the way!

See you next Friday for our twelfth book of the year which is The Circle by Dave Eggers.

Though this may be cheating, I have already read the English translation of this book so can comment now but won’t spoil it for others…