Changes to the Audience Finder Survey offer

In order to meet the analysis and reporting needs of organisations within the arts and cultural sector, our Audience Finder survey offer is changing. This comes in part as a result of the decision by Arts Council England that The Audience Agency will no longer be running the funded data service for English National Portfolio Organisations, but also stems from upgrades and technical improvements to the way that surveys are hosted and built for organisations using them. Please note the below changes do not affect Scottish and Welsh organisations, whose service will continue as previously.

In order to make the switch to our new survey data architecture possible, all new and existing surveys for English organisations will now have an expiry date of 31st May 2023. Any National Portfolio Organisations will therefore be able to carry out their necessary reporting for the 22/23 financial year, in addition uses for insight and analysis which are available to all organistions. After this point it will be possible to request a new survey setup using our new and improved service.

For the remaining period until the above date any new survey setup costs will be pro-rated according to how much time the survey will run for. If for instance an organisation opted for a wholly bespoke question (previously charged at £100 + VAT) in the month of December this would be charged at £50 + VAT to reflect the May expiry of the survey. Below please see a more detailed outline of associated costs:

Original Price Interim Price
Core survey offer Free of charge Free of charge
Additional survey premium questions £100 + VAT £50 + VAT
Bespoke survey questions £100 + VAT £50 + VAT
Additional survey collection methodology £250 + VAT £125 + VAT