Classical music audiences proving reluctant to return

New evidence from the Audience Agency’s research suggests that audiences for classical music are still feeling wary about returning to live events.

Rising vaccination rates seem to be an an important factor for willingness to return but the dominant feeling continues to be one of hesitancy.

Those who are more likely to be ‘happy to attend’ are:

  • Younger (40% of 25-34s)
  • With dependant children (38%), esp. U5s (42%)
  • In London (37%)
  • Haven’t had two jabs (37% one jab, 36% no jab)
  • Previous Performing Arts Attenders (32%)
  • Male (31%)
  • Don’t have a disability (30%)

See the full findings here:

Classical Music Post-Lockdown Audiences | The Audience Agency


Interesting summary, younger audiences happy to return is encouraging (though of course makeup much less of the core UK classical audience) but considering most of the older audiences (45 plus) will now have been fully vaccinated you’d hope they would be less hesitancy. It will be interesting to compare this research with ticket sales and survey data in the future, when available. The Proms doesn’t look to be having much trouble with selling tickets but, as always, how much can we take from this regarding recovery when we know the audience is, regardless of COVID, very different to core classical attendess?

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