Community Forum Live - Audience Finder 2.0 Beta

Thu 28 October, 2pm
Online event

Audience Finder is evolving! In this session, we’ll share the latest developments in the creation of Audience Finder 2.0 BETA, the next generation of data-driven insight tool for the arts & culture sector. Currently in open beta testing, we’d welcome anyone who is already using Audience Finder 2.0 BETA, as well as those who are just curious about what’s available and how it can be used.

These forums are a space for conversation with a like-minded community focusing on an artform or specific area of our work in each session. Designed to help you get the most out of the Audience Finder Data Tools by sharing ideas and approaches with colleagues, providing insight into our wider research and developments we are working on, and so we can learn from you and continue to offer the best support to the sector in the future.

Each forum consists of a 75-minute session and is open to all organisations from across the UK. New users to our tools are very welcome - we’ll be running a free onboarding session every other month for anyone who needs an introduction (or re-introduction) to the Audience Finder data tools.

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