Community Forum Live - Museums and Visual Arts Galleries

Museums and Visual Arts Galleries

Thu 9 Sept, 2pm
Online event

Post-event notes

Thank you to everyone who attended this event - it was great to meet and hear from such a diverse range of organisations!

If you have a moment to fill in this post event feedback form, we’d really appreciate it

The slides shared in the session are available here - and contain links to recent research and useful resources

Community Forum Live - Museums & Galleries Sept 21.pdf (2.5 MB)

Feel free to continue the conversation here in the Community – just hit reply to this post. The Audience Agency team are often here as well, so if you have questions for us, do leave them here.

Other useful links:

Book a free In Practice session for you and/or your team: In Practice sessions

Get started with Audience Finder: Set up a survey

Get started with Audience Finder: Set up ticketing

Get started putting your data to use: What can I do next with my survey data?

A number of organisations raised how they were experiencing challenges around survey collection, particularly ensuring samples were representative. We’ve got a guide here which might be helpful Guide | Good practice for sampling

Original event details

Share your post-reopening experiences and with others in the museums and galleries sector; whether that’s around surveys and data collection, timed / ticketed entry or how your Audience Finder data contributes to understanding your visitors.

These forums are a space for conversation with a like-minded community focusing on an artform or specific area of our work in each session. Designed to help you get the most out of the Audience Finder Data Tools by sharing ideas and approaches with colleagues, providing insight into our wider research and developments we are working on, and so we can learn from you and continue to offer the best support to the sector in the future.

Each forum consists of a 75-minute session and is open to all organisations from across the UK. New users to our tools are very welcome - we’ll be running a free onboarding session every other month for anyone who needs an introduction (or re-introduction) to the Audience Finder data tools.

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