Community Forum Live - Visual Arts: Thu 18 August 2022

Hello everyone

Thanks to everyone who joined us for this one, it was great to see you all and I hope you found the conversations valuable, we certainly did!
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Here are a few resources to follow up the session:

Our slides: CFL - Visual arts.pdf (2.5 MB)
Slides from Newlyn Art Gallery’s presentation: Newlyn presentation.pdf (2.8 MB)

If you’d be interested in getting involved in a regional benchmarking group, similar to the example we spoke about from CVAN South East and East Midlands, please do get in touch with your local CVAN network.

More on the recent updates to Audience Spectrum (including 20 new subsegments) and where you can find these applied to your own audiences

More on the Cultural Participation Monitor and the trends we’re seeing in arts and culture engagement.

Some tips for improving your survey response rate

Suggestions for survey data collection if you’re presenting your work at partner venues

Sustainability: we have some optional questions in the Audience Finder survey around travel modes to help monitor impact. See page 60 of the Audience Finder Question Dictionary)

Diversity: A bespoke Area Profile Report might be useful to help you build a really detailed picture of the communities you are seeking to reach.

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Please feel free to use this page as a space to carry on the conversation, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s anything else we can help with.

Original event details

What are the common questions across your organisations right now?

What data would you find useful to inform your decision making?

Breakout Room 1

De La Warr Pavilion (Sally Ann Lycett) - current main concern is how to afford winter energy bills. Also undertaking a 12-month equality, diversity and inclusion programme - to bring a fresh direction across the organisation.

RAMM Exeter Museum (Sara Flint) - biggest challenge is to turn data into real insight, not just box ticking. Want to trust the qualitative data - tell more stories rather than show more graphs. Thinking about being challenging but also appealing to the widest audience (what gets people in is not necessarily cutting edge art). Currently back to 80% of pre-pandemic audience.

Beatriz Pizarro - Counter Culture partner & freelance: De La Warr Pavilion / the Photographers’ Gallery