Cultural Participation Monitor | Latest Findings on Audience Attitude and Behaviours, 29 March 2023

New findings on the cost of living, attitudes to Covid and support for organisations (via memberships, volunteering and donations).

Join us as we delve into the public’s changing attitudes about cultural attendance and find out which factors are making the most difference to attendance. Who is still put off by Covid? Whose attendance is most affected by the cost of living? Who says they’re booking later? And what are people looking for from arts and cultural organisations’ social media presence?

This event draws on the latest Cultural Participation Monitor survey responses, from Wave 8 (February) and includes insights into volunteering, memberships and donations (in partnership with The Association of Leading Visitor Attractions [ALVA]). We’ve also looked into which people help to organise cultural trips and who attends at others’ recommendations (so-called ‘Initiators’ and ‘Responders’) to help target communications where they make the most difference.

The Cultural Participation Monitor is The Audience Agency’s nationwide longitudinal (ongoing) panel survey about engagement in creative and cultural activities. By comparing data collected periodically over the past two years, we are able to see shifts in attitude and engagement of audiences and determine how cultural organisations may respond.

You can find out more about the Cultural Participation Monitor survey and ongoing analysis here.

What will you learn:

  • The latest insights on who’s likely to attend cultural events.
  • How that’s affected by both attitudes to Covid and the cost of living.
  • How support for cultural organisations is changing, and whether lapsed supporters say they’re returning.
  • Insights on audiences’ other interactions with cultural organisations, online or booking in person.


This session will be of particular interest to senior leaders and those who need an overview of sector trends - including senior marketers, programmers and fundraisers - along with anyone interested in how cultural audiences are behaving and why.


Oliver Mantell , Director of Evidence and Insight at The Audience Agency.

The Evidence and Insight team shares findings from The Audience Agency data and research to support the sector.


This session takes the form of a 60-minute webinar, including the opportunity to ask questions.

Cost: Free


All events will provide Zoom automated transcription in English. Other access services, including Live transcription (instead of Zoom’s automated transcription) and British Sign Language interpretation, can be requested in the booking form and will be provided where possible. Please book as soon as possible to allow time for arrangements to be made.

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You can find the slides for this sessioin here:
Slides - Cultural Participation Monitor Latest Findings on Audience Attitude and Behaviours.pdf (1.5 MB)

You can view the recording on our YouTube channel here: Cultural Participation Monitor | Latest Findings on Audience Attitude and Behaviours - YouTube