Cultural Participation Monitor: latest findings

We’ve just released the latest set of insights from the Cultural Participation Monitor – an ongoing study into the UK population’s cultural attendance, participation and attitudes since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Key findings from the research indicates that:

  • While people’s sense of wellbeing continues to slowly improve, the same audiences’ concern about falling ill with Covid-19 is growing, and most expect further lockdowns both this year and next.

  • Willingness to attend has not increased since June and people remain worried about others’ behaviour, though they don’t appear to think there is much more organisations themselves should be doing to make them feel safe.

  • Most people who have worked at home for some or all of the pandemic expect to continue to do so for the foreseeable. As these tend to be high cultural engagers, they may drive increased local attendance.

  • People expect to engage less in general with arts, culture and heritage in the coming months, with a particular decline in festive shows potentially signalling a bleak midwinter for venues.

Explore the insights in more detail here Cultural Participation Monitor - September 2021

Have you noticed these trends in your own audiences and visitors? How are you planning to adapt to these changes in behaviour?

Share your experiences with the Community here.

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