Culture in Crisis report

For those who might have missed it: the Centre for Cultural Value recently published a major report into the impact of the pandemic on the sector - there’s a handy summary here if you don’t want to read the whole thing :wink:

Culture in crisis - new report from our major research project into the impacts of Covid-19 - Centre for Cultural Value

There’s loads of interesting stuff there but catching my eye were these points:

  • "The pandemic held a mirror up to a deeply unequal cultural sector.
  • Networks played a key role in building resilience and, in light of the pandemic and Black Lives Matter, many cultural organisations re-evaluated their relevance to local communities. This was complemented by an increase of hyperlocal engagement due to lockdown restrictions on travel and behaviour.
  • 80% survey respondents said that taking part in arts and culture was important to their wellbeing, positively affecting their mood and helping them to manage anxiety."
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Worth mentioning that it includes results from the Cultural Participation Monitor - so work by lots of our colleagues have fed in to it…