Data for Audience Development Scotland: free training

September 2022 (various dates)

Plan, implement and evaluate your audience development activities.

In association with Creative Scotland, we are delighted to announce that we are launching a new programme, Data For Audience Development Scotland, covering four key areas of audience development and data usage in the arts.

Designated to help arts organisations plan, implement and evaluate their audience development activities to achieve stronger data-driven solutions, the programme will also take into account Creative Scotland’s upcoming funding round and investment principles.

Who it might be suitable for: Open to arts organisations across Scotland, the events are tailored to those who want to broaden, deepen and diversify their audience relationships, using data from sources both inside and outside their organisations. Suitable for individuals who are implementing/looking to implement audience development activity within marketing, development or senior leadership roles. Also for those who lead and/or support applications for funding, using audience data.

What format it will take: These sessions will take place in person over four 5-hour days, 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM.
A light lunch and tea/coffee will be provided.

To get the most from the event, in-person attendance is recommended, but a dial-in option is available for all sessions.

When sessions will be held: See a full list of available sessions here

How much it costs: Free

What access provision will be: All events will provide Zoom automated transcription in English. Other access services, including Live transcription (instead of Zoom’s automated transcription) and British Sign Language interpretation, can be requested in the booking form and will be provided where possible. Please book as soon as possible to allow time for arrangements to be made.

Available Sessions
There are currently four events available through this programme:

Introduction to Audience Development (Glasgow)
Using your Audience Finder data for Audience Development (Glasgow)
Using your Data for Evaluation (Edinburgh)
Using Digital Analytics data for Digital Engagement (Edinburgh)

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