Do you do TikTok?

It’s Friday, what better time to share some distractions.

I picked up TikTok at the start of the first lockdown and have to admit to becoming a little bit addicted. Amongst the rubbish entertainment is some really great educational content.

Below are a few of my favourite creators.

Mark Mallman

Musician Mark Mallman provides potted histories of classic songs and artists.


Rijksmuseum, national museum of the Netherlands take you on tiny tours through art history.

J. Draper

London tour guide, quick and fascinating bits of London history.

Kirsten Banks

Astrophysicist Kirsten Banks does all things space!

Do you TikTok? Who are your favourite creators? Let me know in the replies below.

Ashamed to say I’ve never even properly looked at TikTok!

I should get over my trepidation though, as these accounts you’ve recommended sound right up my street…

I don’t really contribute content to be honest, I think I’ve posted two videos of walking in Cotswolds. I use it more like a TV channel. Terribly addictive though!

It really excites me how Tik Tok could be used by arts organisations. The best examples I have seen around by arts organisations are those who are just going for with regular and quirky content showing off some of why they are unique. Before you take into account the type of audience member/consume they can reach, often very different to the core audiences on their mailing lists.

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Didn’t see this thread before, sorry.

We have a TikTok: @northumberlandarchives

It is a lot of fun but “real work” seems to keep getting in the way! We’ve just got an apprentice who has been helping with making some videos so hopefully we’ll be able to keep generating content.

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