FAQ: Audience Finder Tablet Surveys

Alongside Face-to-Face Paper and E-Surveys, we also give organisations the option to use their own tablet devices to collect data via the Snap Mobile Anywhere app, which is available to download from Google Play, Apple and Amazon app stores.

The Snap Mobile Anywhere app enables organisations to collect survey data via their tablets, even when an internet connection is not available.



If you want to find out more about our other survey methodologies, please check out our Knowledge Base article What methodologies can I choose for my Audience Finder survey?

Below are a list of our frequently asked questions for prospective and current tablet surveys users.
If you have any questions which are not answered below, please feel free to contact our Support Team at support@theaudienceagency.org.uk.

How do I request a tablet survey?

It is very simple to request a tablet survey. Just visit either Audience Finder Original Surveys page or Audience Finder Answers Survey Command Centre to access the survey request webform. Here you will be able to enter in the details of your organisation, any additional questions which you would like to be included as well as the methodology you would like your survey to be. In the drop down there is an option entitled ‘Face-to-Face with tablet app’. Once all your survey details have been confirmed via email, your tablet survey will be ready within 10 working days. A member of the team will be in touch with your app login details and some instructions on how to get started.

Does my tablet device need to have specific requirements for it to be compatible with the Snap Mobile Anywhere app? Do you recommend a particular brand of tablet?

The Snap Mobile Anywhere app works on the majority of tablet devices, which is why we do not recommend a particular brand of tablet for organisations to buy. Like all apps there is a minimum version requirement needed for it to work with your device. For instance, if you are using Snap Mobile on an iPad it needs to be running on iOS8 or later and for Android tablets it needs to be running on version 4.4 or later. A full specification list is provided below:

  • Apple iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS8 or later
  • Android tablets or smartphones running version 4.4 or later
  • Amazon Kindle Fire OS4 or later
  • Windows based laptops, tablets and kiosks running Windows 10, 8.x (x86/x64, not RT), 7, with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 or later
  • An Internet connection is required to synchronise surveys and data
  • Application uses 1024 bit RSA encryption to store data on mobile devices (AttachIt requires device level encryption)
  • Feature availability is dependent on device support.

How do I set up the Snap Mobile Anywhere app?

Setting up the Snap Mobile Anywhere app is simple.

  • Firstly, you will need to log into your equivalent app store on your device. Then search for the Snap Mobile Anywhere app and install it.
  • When you open the app you will be shown a login page. Before you log in, it is imperative that you are connected to The Audience Agency’s server. To do this click on Server URL, select ‘use own server’ and enter in the following: http://research.audiencesurveys.org
  • Connect to wi-fi and then log into the app using your login details. You will then see your new survey appear; please note you may need to wait a few minutes while it syncs – it will tell you it’s doing this in the top right-hand corner of the app. You are then ready to go out and survey your audiences.

Does my tablet need to be connected to the internet to collect survey data?

You will need to connect your tablet to the internet in order to log into the app and retrieve your survey for the first time. After this you can go ahead and collect your data offline. This is because the responses get stored in the app itself, so you won’t lose any of your data if you go out of wi-fi range.

When you are ready to upload responses to The Audience Agency’s server (which in turn, get uploaded to the Audience Finder Data Tools), you will need to connect the tablet to the internet.

If you have a stable internet connection at all times, the app will still work in the same way and you will still need to periodically sync your tablet to upload responses to The Audience Agency’s server.

How do I upload survey responses to the Snap app?

We recommend that each organisation manually sync their data to our at regular intervals, particularly after a large volume of response data has been collected.

To sync the response data saved in your app, navigate back to the apps home page and locate the ‘cycle’ button.


Click the button to begin the synchronisation of responses, this will upload the responses to The Audience Agency’s server (which in turn, get uploaded to the Audience Finder data tools).

Once synchronisation is complete the ‘cycle’ button will turn into a tick.



Another way to check how many responses have been synchronised is to look in the statistics section of your app (please see the next question for a further explanation on how to do this).

What is the difference between ‘Complete’ and ‘Uploaded’ in the summary section of the Snap app?

When you have started to collect data, your survey responses will be shown in the statistics section which appears on the bottom of the app’s homepage. You will notice that the responses can be viewed in two ways; list or summary view. When a survey is collected it will be logged initially and logged again when it has been synced with The Audience Agency server. In the list view each survey will be shown twice: once when it has been completed (collected) and again when it has been uploaded. However, in the summary view the surveys total will be shown with the amount of those which have been completed (collected) and those uploaded. If the complete column is more than the uploaded one, it means that your data hasn’t been synced.

If you need further help on how to do this please refer to the How do I upload survey responses to the Snap app? section further up this page. You can see the screenshots below for some more explanation.



Why can’t I see the response count of my tablet survey in the Audience Finder Original dashboard?

This is because there is no html link generated for the tablet app, therefore the dashboard homepage survey tiles (which include a survey counter) cannot be populated. You can check your survey count and download your raw data from Audience Finder Answers, under the Survey Command Centre section. Please note, survey responses are updated overnight on Audience Finder Answers, so for example, if you synchronise your tablet on a Tuesday, the responses won’t be visible on the platform until Wednesday.