FAQ: What is Audience Finder Show Stats and how do I sign up?

What is Audience Finder Show Stats?

Audience Finder Show Stats is the revolutionary audience insight tool powered by the Audience Finder Data Tools, allowing both touring companies and ticketed venue-based organisations to see their audiences at a production level.

For the first time, touring organisations can see a clear picture of their audiences to create integrated marketing plans or build cases for funding and partnership work, accessing insight within a few clicks that is fully GDPR complicit.

Ticketed venues can also use Audience Finder Show Stats to run production reports on their data to complement the insight they can access at an artform and date-range level in Audience Finder Original and Audience Finder Answers.

What’s included for free?

All of the Audience Finder Data Tools are free to use at a basic level, with additional features available at a small charge for those looking to delve even deeper into their data.

The free-of-charge Audience Finder Show Stats offer allows touring arts organisations to access a free annual summary of their audiences across tour venues that are registered with the Audience Finder Data Tools.

You can find a list of venues from across the UK on the Audience Finder Show Stats Homepage.

What's included in my free annual summary? * Number of tickets issued * Average ticket yield per booking * Booker postcode analysis by postal district * Booker postcode analysis by local authority * Booking lead time * First-time bookers to venue vs repeat bookers * Group size * [**Audience Spectrum breakdown by core segments**](https://community.theaudienceagency.org/t/what-is-audience-spectrum/266) * [**Audience Spectrum breakdown by sub-segments**](https://community.theaudienceagency.org/t/where-can-i-find-the-new-audience-spectrum-subsegments-in-the-audience-finder-data-tools/890) * [**Mosaic UK breakdown**](https://community.theaudienceagency.org/t/what-is-mosaic-uk/275) * [**Mosaic Scotland breakdown**](https://community.theaudienceagency.org/t/what-is-mosaic-scotland/276)

You can run your annual summary for all productions within a single financial year, re-generating accordingly when new productions are approved. You do not have to activate productions (a paid service) to generate your annual summary. Custom grouping of your choice or activating individual productions is available as an enhanced (paid) service.

How do I register for Audience Finder Show Stats?

To sign up for an Audience Finder Show Stats account, please visit the registration page.

You will be asked to fill in your full name, email address, organisation name and organisation type.

The available organisation types are as follows (click the arrow next to each name for details):

Venue The organisation type **'Venue'** describes an organisation whose productions are sold via their own ticketing system, which actively contributes ticketing data to Audience Finder.
Touring Company The organisation type **'Touring Company'** describes an organisation whose productions are sold via a third-party ticketing system (e.g. a receiving venue, or local ticket agent), which is actively contributing ticketing data to Audience Finder.
Both The organisation type **'Both'** describes an organisation whose productions are sold both via their own ticketing system AND via a third-party ticketing system, where both systems are actively contributing ticketing data to Audience Finder.

If you are selecting Venue or Both, please state your organisation’s name as it is shown in your Audience Finder profile.

Once you have completed the Audience Finder Show Stats registration form, our Service Team will review your request. If your organisation is new to the Audience Finder Data Tools, the team will contact you regarding the next steps. If your organisation already exists in Show Stats, our Support Team will contact the other people listed in the account to validate your request before creating your login.

Please do not register for an Audience Finder Show Stats account if you are not directly connected to any organisations that fit the descriptions above, as your account request will be denied.

SPEEDY TIP: If you are registering to access an existing organisation’s Show Stats account, you can help speed up the process by asking a colleague who is already connected the account to send an email to support@theaudienceagency.org, confirming the email address you want to register with and authorising you to be added to the organisation’s account.