Festive Traditions

Hi all!

I hope everyone is having a good week? As we are well and truly in the Holiday season now, I thought it might be cool (if people would like to) to share what signifies the start of the Holidays for us all? Do you have any traditions people have to do with this time?

I’ll start! I celebrate Christmas so for me, the signifier (other than the Coca-Cola advert!) of the Holidays starting is each year all of my friends and I get together for an annual “Christmas Cosy Night”. We come in cosy clothes, put a (fake) fire on the TV and play board games, eat festive snacks and spend time together as a group.

In terms of traditions, each year we collect a decoration for our tree that either marks a significant event from our lives or we just think is super cute. This year we’ve gone down the latter path, purchasing a small soft mouse holding a gift - it makes me feel all happy whenever I see it :slight_smile:

Now that I’ve shared, who would like to go next? :christmas_tree: :menorah:


This is going to be very bah humbug but an accidental Christmas tradition in my house of 4 children is looking at all the junk and toys in the living room and wondering where I am going to put all that stuff a) so I can get the Christmas decorations up and b) so we have space for the next round of junk and toys.


Radio stations starting to play Christmas music is always mine, regardless of if I love or loathe the Christmas music they are playing or not, often the latter but let’s not go there!


My family doesn’t really make a big deal of Christmas but my group of friends traditionally have a party in January. Some might say we do it then because we’re stingey and want to buy all the food, crackers, gifts etc when they’re on sale… :wink:


I’m not sure I have any specific traditions at the moment, but now that we have a toddler in the household I’m feeling that it’s time to start.

I read about a nice one in a Patrick Gale novel which I think I might nab for my own family - a tradition of spending Christmas Eve with no electricity / tech, so a night of candles, games, and storytelling in front of the fire. Sounds magical, though I’m sure the reality of that in our household would be somewhat more chaotic…


In terms of signifying the start of the Festive Period, it’s about the purchasing of ever-increasingly decadent buffet food as December progresses! We watch Muppet’s Christmas Carol religiously too. @samirahales we also have a festive mouse! :mouse:


Christmas morning, we munch on the most amazing hand-made cinnamon shortbread (made by lovely local old ladies), whilst watching IAWL and shouting “Merry Christmas Building and Loan” in a Jimmy Stewart accent at each other!


This sounds pretty perfect to me!

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One of my favourite festive traditions started this weekend with some festive pickling! Two weeks before Christmas every year (or thereabouts), I go back to my Mum’s house and we spend a day making various pickles and chutneys to be eaten over the holidays, usually with copious amounts of cheese.

This year, in addition to the pears (a Hairy Bikers recipe which we make every year without fail - they taste like savoury pear drops and are absolutely blinding with cheese) we also made chilli and tomato jam (borne of my frustration that all the chilli jams I’ve tried from the shops are nowhere near hot enough for my taste) and also quick pickled mixed veg.

Other festive traditions include decorating the tree while watching Nativity! (an absolute classic Christmas movie which I will not hear a bad word said against (the sequels are rubbish though)), and it’s also not really Christmas Day until I have watched Father Christmas, The Snowman and The Snowman and The Snowdog, in that order, on Channel 4.


Your pickled pears look totally delish! My dad does a similar version to pair (pear - haha) with the roast ham.

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Accidental traditions are still traditions! You could… decorate the toys WITH the decorations? That way, when the toys are moved to other parts of the house, festivities follow!

@Chris_France What is your favourite Christmas song?

@megan.tripp - I mean, who wants to buy food for full price when you could just buy it cheaper 2 days AFTER Christmas. I do the same with Halloween candy…

@nancy.sheterline I LOVE this idea! So super festive but at the same time, gives you quality time!

@Rosanna is your freezer nearly full now with loads of yummy things?! Festive mice should be a staple for us all!

@TessaTAA so I have to say, this shortbread sounds DEVINE! The rest is also great but my heart is where the food is, for sure!

@sophiehanson I have never ever pickled anything but, that Hairy Bikers recipe looks great so maybe this weekend I will give THAT a go! Nativity (the first one) is a blinding Christmas film! I watch Uncle Buck without fail every year so I guess that also counts as a tradition?