Figures never match up

Had several conversations over the last 12 months with AA and still, when I go to download my 2021/22 report, the figures do not match up! I should have 385 survey responses for the financial year yet the report shows 92. Why can’t the correct surveys just be put under the correct year?! I have not once yet had a report where the figures are correct. Highly frustrating.

Hi Dawn, looking at this one between your dashboards, they look to match up based on the totals you have received. The survey numbers you are quoted are correct, which is your 20/21 total and 21/22. 92 is just for the 21/22 financial year hence audiences who have responded and stated they had visited this side after 1st April 2021. It will be the same for all responses after 1st April 2022 into your 22/23 responses. Looking at the total number alone, if you check back to your Audience Finder Original survey dashboard, this is where the totals will appear first; you can find out more on this here.

Sorry for any confusion on this, and if you have a specific question on this, we can look to help you further.

Hi Chris,

I have emailed the support desk but not yet heard back as something is still not right, I have downloaded the revised report on Monday and all looked well, until the section: Surveys: 01 April, 2021 - 31 March, 2022.

Given this is the 2021/22 report, that is the data I selected, however it then says I only have 92 survey respondents instead of 385 surveys.

Why are there 293 of the surveys from 2021/22 sat under 2020/21? I thought this issue had been resolved some time ago?

When I look at the raw data it shows the surveys were completed in the timeframes as above, but the data seems to be sitting under the wrong year? The 92 are from 2020/21 and there should be 385 under 2021/22.


Hi Dawn,

Looking at our support desk, I can see an email has now been sent to you with details on this and so we can get everything sorted for you. I won’t repeat the full details on this feed, as some are confidential to your account, but am watching this conversation and will make sure it is resolved for you.