First time visitor figures

I’ve been looking at first time visitor figures post pandemic - they appear to have fallen from an CVAN SE (visual arts) average of 41% pre-pandemic to 10% post pandemic. I wondered if that’s correct and if that is reflective of everyone’s experience?


Hi Tess - welcome, and a great question!

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That’s really interesting Tess, thanks for sharing. I’m seeing a bit of a mixed bag on this where I am in Wales. Definitely seeing some data that shows a similar trend, but also the opposite in some cases - particularly where there’s been some diversification of activity due to the circumstances of the last year, like experimenting with work in new settings or outdoors. I’d be very interested to hear about other peoples’ experiences.

Really interesting question - I’d be glad to hear others’ experiences as well. As we get more Audience Finder survey data in post-pandemic, we can look at context for the CVAN figures too…