Free fieldworker training/best practice session (Wed 16 March)

Free webinar: Respect! Making audiences views matter
Wednesday 16 March, 1pm - 4.30pm

A practical guide to collecting audience survey data with respect and purpose.

This half-day training session will help your organisation get useful, high-quality data while improving your visitor welcome.

If we care about serving our community and our audiences well, we need to talk to them. And sometimes we need to talk to them in a way that is as statistically representative, unbiased and respectful as possible. That usually means doing a survey – via front of house, by email or online.

Done well, collecting survey data can be the source of incredible insight and inspiration for future plans, a mark of respect for your audience and – research shows – a fabulous opportunity to welcome visitors and get to know them. It can also be a frustrating chore on top of everything else we have to do!

This session is all about helping you to survey brilliantly and to reap all the benefits while minimising the pain. Blending advice on best practice with real-world experience and plenty of discussion, expect to leave with a host of top tips up your sleeve and a lot more confidence about the why and how of carrying out a survey in the field.

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