Free Webinar: Using the Audience Finder Data Tools in Funding Strategies

Using the Audience Finder Data Tools in Funding Strategies
Tue 8th February, 2 pm
Online event

Post-event follow up

Thank you so much to everyone who came today. If you have a moment to fill in a quick feedback form, that’d be great.

The complete slide set is available for your reference with links where applicable and the full recording if you wish to watch the sesson again. I’ve also posted a few other helpful links from the session;

  • I’ve created a short Community article on the 'Taking a Question Led approach’ exercise in the session for your reference to help you get started.
  • If you wish to book a 121 Audience Finder In Practice session, you can do so. here (Not sure if I mentioned these enough!) For exploring some of your questions directly, in terms of the ‘how’ and ‘where’, particularly around collecting and locating your data, they could be helpful.
  • This Knowledge Base article on benchmarking in the Audience Finder Original could be a useful read, as could these articles on Audience Finder Show Stats .
  • Thanks to Julie for your question on social-economic data, as well as the premium questions in the Audience Finder survey. We are just in the process of updating some wider research guidelines in this area which I will send over shortly. These are not directly connected to the Audience Finder Data Tools or in the Audience Finder framework but could be a helpful read.
  • Browse the Evidence Hub for national data is available on our website, which you can explore.

Please do feel free to carry on the conversation by replying to this post. Myself and other members of the Audience Agency team are around to help where we can.

Original event info

A practical guide on applying your audience insights from the Audience Finder Data Tools to business planning and funding strategies.

It is essential that cultural organisations are able to effectively use audience insights to position business plans and build a case for support. With data backing you up, you can better share the impact, build your organisational narrative and create targets for the future.

This session will look at collecting and analysing audience data in the Audience Finder Data Tools and then applying it to business planning and funding strategies. We will share tips on using different types of data sources from within Audience Finder Data Tools and practical guidance for you to apply within your own organisation.