Get to know your local area: Area Profile Reports

​One of The Audience Agency’s Area Profile Reports is a great tool for anyone looking to get a thorough understanding of your organisation’s catchment area.

It could help you plan communications strategies, identify opportunities for development, be used as an advocacy tool, or as a starting point for organisational change.

Each report provides an overview of the population within a target area you set (such as a town, local authority or drive time) and compares it to the population of a wider area.

Information included about your area can include:

  • Demographics: age, ethnicity, disability and health, age, disadvantaged communities, families etc

  • Segmentation by Audience Spectrum and Mosaic profile

  • Existing levels of arts attendance

Prices start from £125 + VAT.
We’re always happy to discuss which version of the report might work best for you, so do get in touch.

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