Google's wellbeing manifestio

This has been doing the rounds on social media and whilst I can’t find the Google source I assume it to be true and it’s good anyway…

It’s ok to…

have dodgy wifi
stand, sit or lie down for meetings
switch off your camera to have a stretch or eat an apple
have your pets, partner, housemates or children gatecrash your video conference
turn (another) video conference into a walk and a phone call instead
not check email or ping out of hours
add some gaps and pauses to your day to think and rest
put your family before your work
not know everything
be confused
say “I don’t know”
ask for help
have a cry
talk about it
not talk about it
challenge things you’re not comfortable with
feel like these are crazy times, because they are crazy times
have a crappy day
have a great day
share things that have helped you
say you’re not OK

It would be interesting to know how many people feel their organisations would accept these things.

I would add “it’s OK to have your camera off for a whole meeting” but know that not everyone agrees.


More recently, I have seen, heard from friends and associates, that many organisations (primarily creative industries based) seem to be getting more hard-nosed about elements such as the above, including the camera issue, as we move into the position where the hybrid working model between the office and home becomes common for many more as offices reopen. For example, you can keep working at home in (for a set number of days), but you must do this and this at all times. A quite different approach to earlier in the pandemic. Only a snapshot of persona; contacts of course.

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