Guidance for Creative People and Places 2022/23 Engagement Data Collection through The Audience Agency

As part of the national evaluation of CPP, Arts Council England have commissioned The Audience Agency to provide Audience Spectrum and Mosaic profiles of project participants – the people who see, hear and take part in the events and activities you are delivering. This work has been carried out for each year of CPP activity so far and has been instrumental in helping show the success of the project and highlighting the activity which has led to this success.

Understanding CPP participants in 2022/23

As usual, we need you to send us postcodes of as many of your participants or audience members as possible for activity during the 2022/23 financial year (April 1st 2022 to March 31st 2023). By participants or audience members, we mean people who have had an interaction with your programme (i.e. not people who have only signed up to a mailing list). This could include people who have taken part in workshops, attended events, listened to a podcast, or watched a livestream of a performance. Postcodes could come from questionnaires or feedback cards, the ticket booking process, from e-surveys, registers, or they may have been collected for this specific purpose. For each event or activity for which you’re providing postcodes, we also need to know the number of participants/audience members at that event (or an estimate if you don’t have an exact number to hand), and the method of data collection. Finally, we also need to know the total number of participants and audience members your activity reaches each year. This will be the same as the number you provide to Arts Council England.

Data Submission

The submission process is very simple; just paste all your postcodes into the postcode data submission spreadsheet (more details on this are in the attached resources) and send it to by Friday May 12th 2023. Within three weeks of receiving your spreadsheet, we’ll send you your 2022/23 Participant Profile report so you can see how your participants compare to your Place’s population. Your postcodes will also feed into the national profile, which tends to be published in June or July each year.

CPP organisations are not mandated to contribute data to or use the Audience Finder Data Tools, but they can use them at any time if they wish for surveying audiences to events and analysing ticketing data where applicable.

CPP Participant Profiling 2022-23 - Guidance.pdf (228.0 KB)
CPP Postcode Profiling - Data Collection template 2022-23.xlsx (138.6 KB)