Happy Monday and welcome new members

Hello everyone, hope you had a great weekend and are feeling positive about the week ahead.

We’re really pleased to welcome some new members to the Community: @minket_lepcha @sadia.habib @bachtung.phamhuu @eesraeksi @wairimu.nduba @Stefan @inasnabilla @AphroditiS @thanh @Atula_Owade @Jay @juvita @Tejshvi @caotrungvinh @IDAptitude @Catriona_Maddocks @qumsiyeh @gk2102 @Claudia @LizzyHewitt @Le_Dung

Lovely to have you here. Please feel free to have a look around, ask questions, introduce yourself or introduce your pets, if you prefer!

And in case you missed it - some highlights from the last few days on the community:

As ever we’re here to chat, answer questions - have a great week.

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