Happy New Year - and some easy wins for your January to-do list


Happy New Year everyone!

Anyone else feeling a bit daunted by the number of tasks they pushed on to their ‘after Christmas’ to-do list, or is that just me??

Well, in case any of those tasks are Audience Finder-related, here are a few handy quick links to hopefully make them a bit easier to blast through:

Need to set up your 2021/22 Audience Finder survey?
A quick guide here

Got a new team member?
Add them to your organisation’s Audience Finder dashboard

Worried about response rates to your survey?
Some tips here

Would like a refresher or introduction to the Audience Finder Data Tools?
Book a free In Practice session with us and we’ll set you on the right path

And on a completely different note…

If you love to read, or would like to read more in 2022, then you’ll want to check out @samirahalesBook Club She’s put together a brilliant list of books, for either a weekly or monthly read, and will be hosting post-read chats here on the Community. You can dip in and out as you please – no need to commit to the whole year!

Find out more: monthly Book Club

Find out more: weekly Book Club

(I have it on good authority that some Community members are planning a film club as well, so if that’s more your cup of tea, stay tuned…)

All the best for 2022, and please do get in touch if there’s anything we can do to help support your data-gathering and audience development planning for the year ahead.

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