Hello and welcome new faces - 22 November

Hello everyone

Ooh - lots of new members joining the Community in the last week, a big hello and welcome to you all.
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A couple of posts to get you started:

Introduce yourself or if you prefer… Introduce your pets!
Our latest evidence about audiences’ attitudes and behaviours

Have a good week.

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Hi Everyone, my name is Charles Thompson, I am a veteran film producer and I represent Screen Nation Foundation which is a heritage marketing organization promoting the heritage of Black British film & TV talent and content. We run the UK’s first Black British Film & TV Hall of Fame, make short tribute films, write short essays about veteran Black British talent, and are funded by HLF to test the basic idea of an online archive containing this info and more for use by HEI and the public at large.

After taking part in such an informative webinar, I look forward to making acquaintance with you all and picking up knowledge, info, tips and getting guidance in this area as I am a novice with big ambitions!


Welcome to the TAA community Charles!