Hello and welcome!

Hi everyone, hope you’re well.

I’ve not done a ‘welcome!’ post in a while (oops) so here goes with a hello to the folks joining us over the last few weeks:
@MoniqueB @SophieErinEvans @meganbennett @Tamsin @Hayley @Senay @carina @CatrionaDownie @Tamsineey @MaryAddyman @DTriggs @Sally @britta.jonasson @christoffer.larsson @jesper.larsson @line.breuning @rebecka.eriksson @maria.g.magnusson @annelie.krell @gitte.wille @marina @Josefin.Carlsson @biljana.topalova-cas @tam_janet @rebecka.randler @TyndallCentre @sofia.lenninger @Demi_Rodriguez @stefan.wahlstedt @SusieBee @AntonyPickthallCast @JonSM_house

Great to have you here! Please feel free post your questions, thoughts etc over in either the Audience Finder or Chat categories.

If you’re new to the Audience Finder data tools you might want to check out our quick guides for new users.

Have a good week :slight_smile:

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