How can I add new colleagues to our Audience Finder Original/Audience Finder Answers account?

If your organisation is already contributing data to the Audience Finder Data Tools and you have colleagues who wish to access your organisation dashboards, they can create their own personal user accounts here and we can then connect them to your organisation’s Audience Finder Original and Audience Finder Answers account.

Please send us an email at from an account that is already connected to your Audience Finder account, stating the email address that wants to register and authorising them to be added to the organisation’s account. We will connect them to your Audience Finder Original/Audience Finder Answers dashboards. Once connected, access to the Audience Finder Original dashboard is granted within a couple of hours and from the next working day for Audience Finder Answers.

Please note that logins for Audience Finder Show Stats are distinct from Audience Finder Original and Answers logins and must be requested from our service team at