How can I look at my ticketed data by venue and/or performance space?

We can divide your data by venue/performance space or otherwise as an enhancement called a Dashboard Split.

This provides a dashboard view split within Audience Finder Original based on your analysis requirements as an organisation and updated in line with your ticketing data, allowing you to analyse and compare data between your venues and/or performance spaces. A dashboard split is ideal if you have a range of different audiences across your venues/performance spaces.

We are able to divide your data within by your Venue Identifiers as detailed within your ticketing/CRM system, grouping them to create each dashboard view. We are currently unable to do this based on seating plans or other types of venue attributes. Once set up, you can then view each split as a dropdown in the Ticketing Data menu option in the fulter section of your the Ticketing section of your dashboard

This enhancement is a paid annual subscription priced at £500 +VAT for three dashboard views or fewer (including the combined dashboard view of all data), with an additional £100 +VAT per extra dashboard view(s).

This functionality is currently not available in Audience Finder Answers.

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