How do I benchmark my audience data in Audience Finder Original?

Once your organisation is contributing ticketing and/or survey data to the Audience Finder Data Tools, you are able to take advantage of benchmarking against other organisations and, where applicable, UK census data within Audience Finder Original.

As standard, once you start contributing data, you are able to benchmark against other organisations within your UK region, total organisations within your UK nation (England, Scotland and Wales) and similarly census data from the same UK region and nation based on your organisation’s full postcode. You can compare all elements of your data against other contributing organisations and UK Census data is available to compare within the ’ Customer Profile’ of the ticketing section of your dashboard and the ’ Visitor Profile’ section of the survey section of your dashboard. Within the survey section, you can also benchmark against your organisation’s ’ Historical Surveys’ or surveys you have contributed to as part of Audience Finder bespoke groups.

To benchmark your data, you can switch between options in the ’ Compared with’ menu within the filters box of your dashboard. Once selected, the benchmarked data will appear in the yellow bar, while your organisation’s own data will appear in the green bar.

Breaking your data down further by artform and date range could also help identify insight to help your data-driven decision making. Highlighting information that can be used for internal and external data reporting, marketing planning or evaluation. Y

It is also possible to benchmark your data against specific organisations that are contributing to the Audience Finder dataset as an enhanced subscription. We can create benchmarks consisting of three or more organisations for £100 per organisation, per year , which is possible considering the organisations you wish to benchmark against confirms that they are happy to allow this. Please get in touch with our service team for more information.