How do I categorise my productions with an artform?

We’ve improved the artform coding functionality and it is now called production categorisation. You can now easily categorise all your productions with artforms within Audience Finder Answers. Rather than having to wait to categorise a backlog of productions from each financial quarter, anyone within your organisation with an Audience Finder account can now use Answers to categorise productions, at any time.

To categorise your productions, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the Audience Finder Answers site to login using your registered email address. On the homepage you will see the Ticketing Command Centre. If you have outstanding productions that require categorising, you will see a section called Uncategorised productions which will tell you how many productions are outstanding from the past year, and overall.

  2. Click on the link that says Categorise your productions to begin categorising your data. The date range will default to the last 12 months but if you haven’t completed this process in a while, we’d recommend setting the date range to the last three years. To see an overview of your productions via a date range of your choice, use the date selection tool in the top toolbar to see a view by your chosen date range.

  3. You can also search for specific productions using the advanced search option.You will then see all your data listed by financial year in three sections, Uncategorised, Categorised and All Productions. If you click on the uncategorised section on the far left, you can easily see all of the productions you need to categorise and quickly get up to date. Once you have assigned your uncategorised productions with an Audience Finder Artform, you will be fully up to date. if you wish to change the artforms of productions already categorised, you can do so in the Categorised tab. Those already assigned an artform will appear with a green background. You can see a full overview in All Productions – again, productions already assigned an artform will appear in green.

If you are new to production categorisation or haven’t done it for a while, we’d recommend you take a read of our articles on Artforms and Definitions and The 3 Cs of Production Categorisation.

Categorising your data provides full artform functionality across the Audience Finder Data Tools, helping you gain more insight from your ticketing data. Production categorisation is requested of organisations funded by Arts Council England, Creative Scotland or the Arts Council of Wales.