How do I find useful data from the Audience Finder Data Tools for my latest funding application?

Finding the best data to support your case in a funding application has never been more essential to success. Here are a few suggestions to help you find the key insights for any application. This article refers to features within Audience Finder Original, Audience Finder Answers and Audience Finder Show Stats.

  • Run a report on your ticketing and/or survey data. The most comprehensive way to create a report full of insights to support your application is to run a report within the Reports section of your Audience Finder Original and/or Audience Finder Answers dashboards. Specific data within the reports can be referenced throughout the application, with the full report included within an appendix or supporting documents. All accessible within a few simple clicks.

  • Comprehend your visitor profile from your Audience Finder and/or Digital Audience Surveys. The visitor profile from your latest surveys, both from Audience Finder on in-person audiences and digital audiences from your Digital Audience survey, is an ideal accompaniment to ticketing insight. By running a report on or downloading a CSV file from your Audience Finder Original dashboard (for Audience Finder surveys) and Audience Finder Answers dashboard (Digital Audience Survey) can help offer this insight. You can explore this by age, gender, ethnicity, disability and Audience Spectrum type. A robust sample size is beneficial for any application and helps demonstrate need, suitability and ongoing potential.

  • Understand the geographic layout of your bookers. Understanding the location of your audience, as well as behaviour and demographics, can be accessed through all of our tools, through the Location section of the Audience Finder Original ticketing and survey dashboards. Similarly, through the ‘Which local authority areas do my bookers come from?’ insight in Audience Finder Answers and location insight within the Audience Finder Show Stats Annual Summary report. Providing insight at postal sector and local authority levels to give an overview of your reach as an organisation.

  • Recognise your Audience Spectrum and/or Mosaic UK profile benchmarked against your catchment area. Understanding your audience profile by Audience Spectrum and/or Mosaic UK and comparing to your catchment area can demonstrate opportunities to help support applications in your local community. Using both models gives you a full overview of opportunities in relation to arts engagement (Audience Spectrum) and social-economic status. (Mosaic UK/Mosaic Scotland).

  • Locate that essential piece of production data in Audience Finder Show Stats. Reporting on your productions in a ticketing capacity through Show Stats provides a range of comprehensive insights at a production level, for both touring organisations and ticketed venues. For example, if you are applying for funding/sponsorship for a Christmas show, using a retrospective report of the pantomime from last year, gives you quick and instant access to the information you need to highlight full characteristics on a show.

  • Select useful audience comments from your recent audience survey to support an argument or demonstrate a need. You can find a selection of relevant comments from your recent Audience Finder survey in the ’What do my survey respondents say about my organisation?' insight in Audience Finder Answers. Using Amazon Comprehend sentiment analysis, your audience feedback is split into positive, mixed and neutral and negative responses, which can help you find suitable responses to the objectives of your funding application.