How do I produce my Arts Council England annual ticketing/survey report?

Within Audience Finder Answers, once logged in via the magic link connected to your user email address, producing your ticketing and/or survey data report is quick and simple. This can be located by clicking on the green button in the Reports section seen below once in the Homepage.

Please note: the Reports section of Audience Finder Answers changes depending on which part of the reporting year we are in. You will see the report for the financial year just finished during the “reporting phase” (April to July inclusive), and the current financial year’s report during the “gathering phase” (August to March inclusive).

Once within the report, by selecting ‘Email this report as a PDF’ your report will then be sent directly to your email address within a few minutes to submit via Grantium. We recommend you check the details included within your report before submitting this.

Within this window at the top of this page, you will also see compatibility guidance based on the official requirements of your funding band, which will show if you are not meeting your conditions in full. If you are not, you will be provided with instructions to help you do so.

If you feel you cannot meet these requirements, please speak with your Arts Council England Relationship Manager. You can produce an annual report without meeting the full requirements but the guidance provided is based on the official requirements for your funding band and not on other arrangements agreed with Arts Council England on an organisation level.

Please note Audience Finder Original audience reports are no longer compatible for annual reporting to Arts Council England.

Producing your annual summary report in Show Stats for touring organisations

Complete guidance on creating your Annual Summary report for Arts Council England can be found within our Audience Finder Show Stats section on our Knowledge Base.

We recommend requesting your production data from your host organisations through Show Stats as you complete your work across the financial year. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your production to be available to request from your host organisation. You will only be able to run your Annual Summary Report once all your host organisations have accepted your production requests.