How do I register for an Audience Answers account?

If you already have an Audience Finder account, you do not need to request a new user account. You can use your existing credentials to log into Audience Answers.

If you do not have an account, please enter your details on our New User registration form to register as a new user for Audience Answers, the next generation insight offer from The Audience Agency.

If your organisation is new to Audience Answers, you can choose to contribute ticketing data and/or survey data.

SPEEDY TIP: If you are registering to access an existing organisation’s dashboard (i.e. an organisation that is already contributing ticketing data and/or survey data to Audience Answers) you can help speed up the process by asking a colleague who is already connected the dashboard to send an email to, stating the email address you’ve just registered with and verified and authorising you to be added to the organisation’s dashboard.