How much does Audience Finder Show Stats cost to activate enhanced reporting?

There are two levels to Audience Finder Show Stats. You can view a list of your touring productions and report on your overall audience free of charge by financial year as an Annual Summary. There is a small charge for the next level of access, which allows you to report on these productions or performances individually and custom group them to slice and dice whichever way you like.

There is a one-off yearly fee of £100 +VAT to access Enhanced Reporting, which is invoiced the first time you activate a production. This allows you to look at up to 10,000 tickets sold via your reports. After this, charges are 1p per ticket sold. Once any charge is applicable, you will see a pop-up message on your screen asking you to confirm that you want to proceed with any action that incurs a cost. Any costs incurred on reports will be billed quarterly after you signed up to Audience Finder Show Stats.

Free Features

  • View, Search & Request New Productions: After login, you can search by financial year and venue to create a list of your productions and request access to data from your partner venue(s). See article: How do I access data for my productions?
  • Verification Process: The host venue at which that production data is held can review requests and approve access for all users at the requesting organisation. Please note that, although we do our best to only grant access to the tool to trusted organisations, it is the venue’s responsibility to verify whether they wish to give that organisation access to the performances requested.
  • Annual Summary Report: You can create an Annual Summary report that combines audience data from all your approved productions from a given financial year, to give you an overview of your audiences for that period. Among other things, this report can be used by National Portfolio Organisations (NPOs) for reporting on their audiences to Arts Council England and for Regularly Funded Organisations (RFO’s) to report on their audiences to Creative Scotland. To run your report please see the article: Create and update Annual Summary Reports in Show Stats

Enhanced (Paid for) Features

  • Activate Productions: After login, you can search by financial year and venue to create a list of your productions and/or request access to data from your partner venue(s). Once requests for access to new productions have been approved, you can then choose to activate those productions to enable performance-level analysis.
  • Production & Performance Reporting: Access a list of your activated productions and run a report on either the whole production or any individual performance. You can still access the free Annual Summary Report at anytime.
  • Custom Grouping: Use this tool to create any bespoke groupings of performances or events, allowing you to group productions for analysis by geographic location, venue, day, time, event or any combination of these things.

This opens the door to analysis including, but not limited to:

  • matinees audiences vs evening audiences
  • weekday audiences vs weekend audiences
  • opening nights vs mid-run audiences
  • all productions at a single venue
  • all productions at multiple venues in a particular geographic region
  • all performances in a tour across all venues it visited
  • any other grouping you can think of!