How often does my survey data update in Audience Finder Answers?

Your Audience Finder survey data updates in Audience Finder Answers on a nightly basis. For example, if survey responses were submitted on Monday 26th July, all valid responses* will be available to download from your raw data and counted towards insights and your Audience Report by Tuesday 27th July.

Please note that Audience Finder Original dashboard updates survey responses on a weekly basis. New responses are uploaded on a Monday and visible on the dashboard on Tuesday. For example, if a response was submitted on Wednesday 21st July, you would be able to see the data for that response on your dashboard by Tuesday 28th July. Presently, survey data must have been uploaded into Audience Finder Original before it can be uploaded into Audience Finder Answers.

Digital Audience Survey data

Your Digital Audience Survey data updates in Audience Finder Answers on a nightly basis. If you set up your digital survey within the Answers tool itself, your responses will update on a more “live” basis, with new responses viewable 10 minutes after submission by the respondent.

If you have any questions about your survey data display in Audience Finder Answers or the Audience Finder Original dashboard, please contact Support.

Email or call 020 7260 2505 for further insight.