How often does my survey data update in the Audience Finder Data Tools?

Once the data has been extracted, you will be able to see the updated total in the Survey section of your Audience Finder Original dashboard, along with a date stamp of when the survey data was last updated. The survey data is extracted from the WebHost into Audience Finder Original each Tuesday. Please note, a survey will not show in the Survey section until you have collected at least one valid survey response.

In order to improve access to up-to-date survey data, Audience Finder Answers gives you more ‘live’ access to your responses and will update with new valid survey data on a daily basis once the data has been uploaded to Audience Finder Original.* You can access both the raw and processed data in the Survey Library section and the survey related insights in your dashboard, which includes ‘What do my survey respondents say about my data?’ and ‘What is the Audience Spectrum profile of my survey respondents?’

If you are experiencing issues with your survey data, please contact our Audience Finder Service team.