I'm a participatory arts organisation, how can I best use Audience Finder?

“Participatory arts” of course covers a huge range of activities and types of participants, so what’s right for one organisation is not right for all.

While the Audience Finder survey will help you uncover a wealth of information about the people you engage with, it’s primarily designed for those who attend a performance, exhibition or workshop – if this isn’t reflective of your work then perhaps the survey is not going to be appropriate. The survey is also designed for people over the age of 16, so if under 16s are a significant focus for you then you’ll need to find an alternative evaluation method.

However we’re always happy to have a chat and help you work out if the survey could be the right route for you, so do get in touch if you’re not sure.

Even you don’t feel able use the Audience Finder survey, there is still plenty of free information available to you within the Audience Finder Data Tools which could help you better understand your participants, actual and potential.

The mapping tool in Audience Finder Original allows you to explore your local area and discover which Audience Spectrum types most people fall in to. From this you can then use the detailed pen portraits to really get to know these people’s habits, lifestyles, behaviour and to what extent they already engage with arts and culture. You’ll also find some handy hints on the tactics that could be most effective in encouraging them to engage.

We can also use our Audience Finder datasets to create personalised profiles of your local community; demographics, education levels, health etc. This could be particularly useful if you are looking to support a funding application (for example by demonstrating that you are working in an area that is under-served or facing socio-economic challenges).

Do get in touch support@theaudienceagency.org if you’d like to discuss further.