I've categorised my productions in Audience Finder Answers, how long will it take for my artform data to update?

It takes one weekend after you have done your production categorisation in Audience Finder Answers for your artform insights to update within Audience Finder Original and Answers. For example, if you categorised your productions on Monday 9th November, then your artform insights will have updated by the following Monday 16th November.

If you or another member of your organisation has assigned a production an incorrect artform or exclusion, don’t worry, we can go back and change it for you. To talk to someone about updating your production categorisation, please e-mail us on tixteam@theaudienceagency.org

Don’t forget, production categorisation can now be done at any time, so it’s a good idea to schedule a regular production categorisation task to avoid accumulating a backlog of uncategorised shows. We also send all users who have access to a ticketing dashboard, quarterly reminders to complete outstanding categorisation.